Social Media Analytics

Know Your Numbers On Social Media

Social media should be data driven.

These growing channels provide access to detailed statistics. Put them to use with a custom social media analytics report.

Interested in how you’re going compared to competitors? We can tell you. Trying to decide what advertising methods work best? We can report on that. Want a complete overview of your social media marketing performance over a given timeframe? We can do that too.

We’ll take a look at your social media analytics and provide you with a readable, actionable social report. We’ll finish with a set of recommendations to optimise your social media marketing.

With prices starting at just $230, our social media reports are perfect for businesses keen on taking a good look at their social media and improving their return on investment. If you’d like to learn more, get in touch for a free consultation. We can work remotely, or you can consult with us at our Gold Coast office.