Landing Page Design

Custom Landing Page Design Gold Coast

Do you want to encourage your customers to do something specific? Maybe you’re building a mailing list, or you want to sell a particular product.

You need a landing page.

Landing pages are web pages with every element crafted to encourage a customer to take the next step. They’re simple, clearly written, and well-organised. They might sit on the same domain (web address) as the rest of your website, but they’re separate from it. So, your potential customers are less likely to get distracted.

This is how it works. After a potential customer sees your online marketing, send them straight to a custom landing page. Showcase a product, outline benefits, evoke interest or passion, then invite your customer to take a simple action, such as providing an email address. Then, you can encourage them to convert from potential customer to current customer. It’s like a sales conversation on a web page.

At Spirelight, we often encourage our digital marketing clients to use landing pages, because we’ve seen them work.

So, we’re offering a special price of $320 to create a landing page for your business. To learn more about our landing page design service, get in touch for a free consultation.